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Nuna Gallery re-imagines the art gallery experience: a virtual 3D gallery that you navigate with an avatar. It is open to the public and free to access from your personal computer. The software that lets you create and customise your avatar is free to download, simple to set up and entry into the gallery is free. You can wander around all five levels of the main gallery, explore its island setting, and teleport to satellite galleries to view sound sculptures and special exhibitions.

Nuna's permanent collection is a resource, documenting art that was created tens of thousands of years ago on the walls and ceilings of caves; journeying through ethnic art traditions; Eastern and Western classicism; medievalism and romantic revivals; leading us to modernism and cutting edge contemporary art.

Nuna gallery is located in a virtual reality called 3RG (3rd Rock Grid), run out of the Netherlands by a non-profit entity.

To access Nuna go to this page and follow the instructions.

To access Nuna via the Hypergrid (if you already have a virtual account), copy this address into your viewer's map:

grid.3rdrockgrid.com:8002:The Nuna Gallery

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