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Nuna Gallery Books

The Nuna Gallery runs a small publishing arm focused on books that are experimental or sit outside mainstream publishing formulas. Nuna especially provides a platform for artist/writers who reimagine book formats in ways that blur traditional media spaces.

Visual artists mostly deal in visual narratives; writers in written narratives; historians write histories, novelists write fiction. The convention seems obvious, given the tools and intentions of their respective media, but it isn't obligatory. All art and thought practice centres around communication. Communication is not restricted to a narrow range of formats or formulas.

Modern book publishing tend to be formulaic and driven by marketing maxims. Prior to Gutenberg and the scaling of printing presses, books were personal—hand written, hand copied, annotated, hand illustrated and illuminated. They were held by their creators as precious artefacts, as individual art works. This facet of literary value has been lost in the reductionism of progress. The value of the press in its ability to copy and distribute literature has been superseded by the value of the market that commodifies literature.

Art and the progress of human civilisation thrive on innovation, non-conformity and risk-taking. The aim of Nuna Gallery Press is to extend our literary conversation beyond the limitations of perceived market formulas.