BIRDLAND | Luciwa Peregrine   


BIRDLAND is an illustrated novel across three books bound under one cover. The first is a quirky fairy tale that spills from 9 year old Lucy's imagination. When Lucy departs Birdland, however, the world she has created is left behind to make sense of itself. In Book Two, Falde, a castaway falls into the space left by Lucy's departure and the fairy tale sprirals off through darker terrain.

This version of Lucy, in losing her memory and identity, has reasserted her innocence, albeit an innocence that is coloured by awareness. As she moves between imaginary and “real” landscapes, she intuits reality as a construct held by those around her—a delusion that she glides over. Pierrot, a Birdlander is the pilgrim, the one who loses his beliefs as he journeys, but gains a deeper consciousness.

Book Three, Aves, traces the fortunes of a group of Birdland academics who interpret the world around them through a narrow lens. They stumble through a litany of errors without ever being forced to re-evaluate their world view. Aves is a catalogue of conceit, cunning, intrigue, pomposity, self-referenced truths and high-mindedness.